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Quote of the week - 16/12/2013

Jay Roeder   |

Jay Roeder is a freelance designer and illustrator that has over 6 years of experience in the graphic design industry. A graduate of Sacred Heart University in 2006 with a double major in graphic design and illustration, Jay started his career at several of the top promotional agencies in the country, establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and skill sets.

He understands that each project is unique, and through extensive research and solid communication, each and every goal can be met and exceeded.

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Type Design Project: Istanbul Deko by Geray Gencer


Istanbul Deko is a brilliant type design project created by Turkish graphic designer Geray Gencer that showcases original typeface inspired by the iconic buildings of the city. 

You can find more of Geray Gencer’s work in his Flickr stream.

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"Only Cream & Bastards Rise To The Top" Tee

A must-have tee!

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Origami, paper folding font by Andrea Zeman

Origami fun on the Behance Network

Christmas Cracker Competition

Postcards to advertise a competition run by Owen Jones Design in the run up to Christmas 2010

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Found this cool tumblr, today.

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